• Five Steps to Better Work-Life Balance

    This work-life balance training program delivers five trademarked tools that are unmatched in the measured results they will produce for you and your organization. These tools, including stress and time management solutions, are applied both on and off the job, producing immediate and ongoing results. Individuals’ lives and careers are changed for the better while driving commitment and results for your organization.

    Through highly-interactive learning, participants master easy-to-use work-life balance tools and skills to better manage both projects and relationships. By applying these work-life balance solutions, the individual obtains more control, value and balance both professionally and personally. The outcome for the organization is higher performance from more skilled, accountable and committed employees and managers. To learn more about our work-life balance, stress and time management solutions, call 1-877-644-0064 or view our free demo.

    Program Highlights

    Our work-life balance training program includes the following solutions to better help manage stress, time and personal and professional balance.

    • Worklife Balance defined: what it means, what it doesn’t mean

    • Achievement and Enjoyment as the basis for life-time goals

    • Accepting responsibility for your own work and life results

    • Staying in focus despite interruptions

    • A method for staying in balance every day

    • The critical difference between a meeting and a date

    • Improved productivity through quick and effective planning and organization

    • Techniques for timely project completion

    • Time management solutions to maximize quality time in your relationships: -At Work – With Family – Friends – Yourself

    • Three ways to build lasting rapport and respect with associates

    • Connecting daily activities to work-life goals

    • The emotion-decision link

    • Strategies that improve team communication

    • Mastering the choice challenge

    • Effectively adjusting your work-life balance over time

    View The 5 Steps (PDF)

    • Work-Life Balance Benefits to Your Organization

      • Measured increases in individual productivity, accountability and commitment
      • Better teamwork and communication
      • Improved morale
      • Increased engagement and commitment levels
      • Less negative organizational stress
    • Work-Life Balance Benefits to the Individual

      • More value and balance in your daily life
      • Better understanding of what your best individual work-life balance is
      • Increased productivity
      • Improved relationships both on and off the job
      • Reduced stress

    Learn about our trainer certification program or quick start facilitation program to deliver this training to your organization.

    Have questions about our work-life balance program? Call 1-877-644-0064 or sign up for our work-life balance, stress or time management solutions online.

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    “This is absolutely the best training we deliver. The tool-set is simple, effective, meaningful…and has the ability to relatively easily become a part of one’s life…and have a life-changing impact (we have many tangible and meaningful stories the participants tell).

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    Unmatched Measured Results


    follow through on important work and personal objectives


    are still using the tools after 2 months


    continue to be more productive at work (Average reported productivity increase is 24%)


    recommend expanding the program to others

    Delivery Options

    • www.k-north.cn Facilitators
    • Trainer Certification
    • Quick Start Facilitator Program
    • Online WorkLifeBalance University Training
    • Ongoing Work-Life Training and Resources Program

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    Advanced Sustainability Program

    “We initiated these sessions because Work-Life Balance is important to our business and because it is the right thing to do for our people. The results were excellent throughout our company. Months later I continue to personally benefit from the specifics I learned from my participation.

    Myron Jones
    NMB Technologies Corporation

    Want to learn how to improve the performance of your organization and the quality of your employees' lives?

    • Higher Productivity

    • Create better leaders

    • Improved Teamwork

    • Less Stress

    • Manage time efficiently

    Whether you're a senior level executive, HR or Training manager or you just want to gain more value out of your professional and personal life our unique dual purpose work and life programs can help you and your organization.



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