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    Time management tips and tools are only effective to the extent they are used. Knowing what to do is not enough. ?You need to master the “How To” of good time management techniques.

    Our 5 Steps to Better Time Management training delivers those specific “how to” time management techniques so effectively that 94% are still using the time management tips and tools everyday, two months after completing their training.

    Here is a small sampling of some common sense time management tips that are included in our training. ? The more critical five key time management techniques can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

    Time Management Techniques

    • Use a daily planner.? This is the most basic of time management tips.? Whether paper or electronic use a planner that gives you at least one page per day.
    • Throw away your to-do-list.? Do not continue using this most ancient of stressful and frustrating time management tips.? Before you throw your to do list away, however, ask yourself a simple question about each item on the list. “When am I going to do this?” Then transfer each item off the list to a specific day you will do it.? This relieves stress and gets important items completed in a much more timely fashion.
    • Keep your planner with you at all times so you can immediately write down commitments.? These types of key time management techniques keep your promises from falling through the cracks.
    • Group phone calls and email.? Pick a specific time each day to return both.? Early morning gives the other person the balance of the day to get back to you.
    • Leave detailed voice messages.? Encourage the other person to leave the information you need on your voice mail, if you are not available.
    • Do Not Multi-Task when in a phone or face-to-face conversation.? Focus on the other person and the conversation.? This speeds up the communication and makes sure key information is conveyed, reducing time delays in the future.? Multi-tasking is a counterproductive time management technique when dealing with people.? People are not tasks and resent being treated as such.

    Unfortunately time management tips are not enough. Training around specific How To time management techniques and tools creates ongoing retention and use. Take a look at our5 Steps to Better Time Management by clicking on the link below.

    View the Time Management Program Steps (PDF)

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    To immediately view more details on our5 Steps to Better Time Management Training:? http://www.www.k-north.cn/time-management-training.html

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